Paper Industry - laser applications

The paper industry uses MLT laser systems in all sorts of ways. The sector places heavy demands on manufacturers, as the end products are used in highly competitive markets such as the food industry.

MLT Lasersystems for Paperproduction Industry.
Usage site of MLT Lasersystems
The strengths of MLT laser systems:
  • use of efficient laser sources, especially for papers/cardboards
  • extremely accurate beam delivery systems
  • stable quality in three-shift operation,
  • designed for high production speeds

Application examples:

Packaging industry

A lot of packaging nowadays has an inspection window to allow the customer to identify the product.
Much of this packing for fish, sausage or cheese is manufactured from composite foil with unprinted areas as inspection windows, or with laser-cut openings in cardboard covered with foil.
The latest packaging such as "Paperwindow" combines foil and paper. A very individually-shaped window is laser-cut in the paper and then laminated on to a foil. Dealers can quickly and easily design the windows for discount campaigns.

Cigarette industry

MLT Laserperforation of Tipping Paper. Here 2 rows perforation..
MLT Laserperforation of Tipping Paper.
The cigarette filter tip paper is microperforated with MLT lasers. The cigarette smoke is mixed with fresh air through the small holes and the tar and nicotine values adjusted. The holes have a diameter of 50-100 µm. 20 to 40 holes are perforated in each cigarette as a rule.

Securities paper

Safety Paper with MLT Lasercoding.
Safety Paper with Coding.
Protection against counterfeiting is a dynamic topic and constant innovation is the only way to keep ahead of the forgers. As international supplier, the MLT laser technology makes bank notes secure with perforation and cutting applications; for example small windows are laser embossed into the banknotepaper to create unique safety features.

Kraft paper

Powder materials such as cement or paint particles are often packed in large heavy paper sacks (about 150 g/m²). MLT laser systems allow such packaging to be opened easily and cleanly: the paper is scribed to a predefined depth so that it can be opened along a marked contour. Vent openings in the form of perforations can also be created in the material using a laser.

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