Lasermarking and embossing

MLT laser systems and special machines can be easily expanded by adding an additional lasermarking solution.

These modules are also available as single systems, and customers' existing systems are often expanded by the addition of a laser marking solution.

A wide range of laser types and modules are available for this; typical applications are marking and coding plastic films, packing, stand-alone pouches, and metal and ceramic components.
MLT Lasermarking with multiple Laserscanenrs.
MLT Laser Multimarking - for various width of the Webmaterial

Major advantages of laser marking are:

  • No inks or other chemical components are required, so there are no consumables costs.
  • Extremely fine marking structures can be applied, including bar codes and 2D/3D matrix codes.
  • Very high flexibility in the marking process due to straightforward software control.
  • Very high process speeds can be achieved.
  • A permanent and durable way of marking.
    This is an important precondition for protection against counterfeiting.

On request, we also produce markings for special materials in very small series in our laboratory.

Laser Coding on a safety film.
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