Automotive Industry - laser systems

The automotive industry has always been a highly innovative sector and starting using the first laser applications at a very early stage, for example laser marking of tamper-proof chassis numbers and special stickers.

Today lasers are generally used for welding and cutting bodywork and interior trim materials. Customer-specific MLT laser systems have also long been used in both the automotive industry and its suppliers (tier 1, tier 2).
The requirements in this industry are very high: as well as a high level of technical expertise, comprehensive service and a high level of consultancy skills are essential preconditions partnerships extending over many years.

Major advantages of MLT laser systems in the automotive sector:

  • very efficient laser sources for all kind of different materials
  • contact-free processes such as cutting or perforating
  • individual implementation of customer requirements
  • maximum availability in industrial production
  • supplier of both total solutions and modular units


Some of the application examples are:

Laser marking:
Marking applications occur many times in modern motor vehicles. Protection against counterfeiting is an important subject, for which reason the reflective films of vehicle number plates can be processed using lasers.
The aim is to incorporate a country-specific logo in the composite foil. Using a suitable laser source, the characteristics of the reflective layer (vaporised aluminium) can be changed so that a logo is visible. In addition, the reading angle at which the logo is visible can be deliberately varied between 0° and 30°. 

Laser Perforation:
The alternators of motor vehicles contain insulating tapes. With the conventional tapes (mechanically perforated), moisture can lead to the formation of rust. This effect is avoided by using laser holes which are smaller by a factor of 10.

Laser perforation of interior trim materials
Leather and similar materials can be perforated using lasers. The hole size obtained should be as small as possible, to be invisible for the end user. This property is required for ventilated car seats or other control elements. Another advantage of laser-perforated holes is their high level of cleanliness and almost complete lack of discoloration.

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