Laser systems in abrasives production

Abrasives, also referred to as grinding materials, can be processed and cut highly efficiently using laser technology. Modern laser processing systems offer immense advantages compared to classic systems in this field.

Abrasive belts, fibre discs and all kinds of grinding discs are increasingly cut using laser technology in modern production methods.
Abrasives Grinding discs- cut by MLT Laser System
Abrasives - cut by MLT Laser.

Major advantages of MLT GrindLaser systems are:

  • Economic to use, even with very small batch sizes.
  • Complex contours and very small cutouts are possible.
  • Products can be changed rapidly while production continues.
  • Partially and fully automated stacking of the finished products is available as an option.
  • Possible optimal integration of MLT GrindLaser systems in existing production processes, due to the modular design.
  • Lasers work without contact and are therefore not subject to wear, unlike punches and dies – so depreciation times can be very short.
Flexible Form of Laser cutted grinding discs, here triangle.
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