Abrasives industry - laser systems

The abrasives industry uses MLT GrindLaser systems for cutting flexible grinding wheels, abrasive belts and similar materials. The requirements in this industry are very high, as production lines are often run in 365 x 24 x 7 operation so that maximum reliability is demanded. The most important requirement here is productivity and therefore a reduction in downtimes.

Ceramic grinding wheel, laser cut.
Laser cutting of various shapes.
MLT systems for the abrasives industry are specifically designed for each customer and can be equipped in their most extensive form with fully automatic stacking of the finished products. Modern robot systems are used for this.

Your advantages:

Grinding wheel, MLT laser cut.
MLT GrindLaser systems offer substantial advantages compared to conventional stamping of flexible grinding material:
  • Economic to use, even with very small batch sizes.
  • High output of up to 100 grinding discs per minute
  • High flexibility when creating the cutting shapes
  • minimal downtimes, as products can be changed on the fly
  • The contactless laser method means that there is no wear in the cutting process - making the depreciation times of the machinery correspondingly short.

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